What is Cashmere Pashmina in Nepal: Pure cashmere products - cashmere sweater, Kids Wear, scarf, blanket, shawls, stoles, garments and other pashmina accessories from Nepal.

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The best cashmere products from Nepal.

Welcome to,Himalayan Fabs international Nepal’s leading Cashmere/Pashmina manufacturer. Cashmere From Nepal pure handmade Cashmere pashmina products from Nepal. We present wide range of real finest Nepal Cashmere and Pashmina in Nepal Shawls, Poncho, Wraps, Scarves, Blankets, Cashmere Throw and many more. We manufacture best cashmere, handmade Pashmina in Nepal, Nepal cashmere shawls, Pashmina in Nepal stoles, Pashmina scarves, Pashmina cashmere blankets, Cashmere Pashmina products, Pashmina cashmere sweaters, pashmina from nepal, Cashmere Nepal.

Himalayan Fabs is a leading in finest quality supplier of Cashmere and Pashmina products from Nepal. Our luxury, fine cashmere Pashmina products are gathered from the undercoat of the Himalayan mountain goat that roams freely in the Himalayas.

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Why Himalayan Fabs?

Our motto is “Customer Satisfaction”
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Our Cashmere Products From Nepal

  • Digital Print-Hand Print Cashmere Scarves
  • Cashmere 2ply Blanket-4ply Blanket
  • Solid Color Pashmina-Multi Color Pashmina Scarves
  • Pure Cashmere Fabric For Garments
  • Cashmere Poncho-Cashmere Wrap With Fur
  • Cashmere Winter Sweater-Cashmere Summer Sweater
  • Cashmere Baby Sweater-Children Sweater
  • Cashmere Travel Kit-Aeroplane Blanket
  • Cashmere Pill Cover-Cushion Cover
  • Cashmere Hats-Cashmere Socks-Cahsmere Globs
  • Cashmere Many More Accessories

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