What is Cashmere Pashmina in Nepal: Pure cashmere products - cashmere sweater, Kids Wear, scarf, blanket, shawls, stoles, garments and other pashmina accessories from Nepal.


I myself to be self-employed and to provide employment to the women from different rural villages by giving them required skills in particular field so that it would help them and their family economically. With this motto, this company was established in 1997 by 3 of my family members: my wife Mrs. Sabita Thapa, my sister Miss Laxmi Thapa, and me Padam Bahadur Thapa. At the beginning we were not able to work as much as we thought we could. Also, my study was the main factor why I could not give more focus and enough time to my business. Because of low productivity, our business was limited within the local market. After the completion of my study, I started to investigate and research about the quality of pashmina and its business in International market for 2 years (2008/2009). The training about the quality control that I received from Osaka, Japan also helped to increase my knowledge about the pashmina’s business. Later in 2010, I took the permission from the Nepal government for importing, manufacturing and exporting the products.

Currently, we have 40 staffs to work in a regular basis. The staffs have experience of more than ten years in this field so they are highly qualified for this work. All of our staffs are really glad to be with us and our management. We do not have a relationship of boss and a worker instead we prefer working together as a big family.

Since, 2010 we are continuously exporting our products to world’s different countries such as America, Japan, German, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France and Italy. The hand made products by Nepalese women and its high quality has helped us to receive a lot of positive feedbacks from the customers. The use of purity certified quality eco-friendly color has contributed in increasing the demand of the products day by day in the international market. This encourages us to work more effectively and efficiently. As we are against of child labor, we do not have any child worker in our company.

I have a feeling that if we earn some money then spending some part of it in social works is really satisfying Because of this reason I have separated a certain amount of money from the profit I earn for the charity. And I being the member of Lion’s club international, through this club I help orphans, elderly people and differently able people economically. Also, I am helping 4 differently able children for their education by providing full scholarship since few years. In addition, me and my company is constantly helping MDF Nepal.

In future, I have a desire to help the child home and nursing home for elderly people. These kinds of works give me peace, comfort and satisfaction which I feel like doing and I will be doing until I die. And for this I need your support, help and encouragement. Hoping for your precious help and co-ordination.
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