What is Cashmere Pashmina in Nepal: Pure cashmere products - cashmere sweater, Kids Wear, scarf, blanket, shawls, stoles, garments and other pashmina accessories from Nepal.


How to make cashmere items?

1. Wool CollectionFirst of all the wool from Chyangra (Capra Hircus) goat is collected. The pashmina wool is collected every spring. Then the soft fine cashmere is separated from the thick coarse hair. And both the soft cashmere and the thick coarse hair is taken for their further process. 2. SpinningThe pashmina wool is collected every spring and is basically spun by hand. The yarn is spun on a spinning wheel locally known as ‘Charkha’. Prior to spinning,the raw material is treated by stretching and cleaning it to remove any dirt and soaked for a few days in a mixture of rice and water to ...

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How too make Luxirious cashmere blanket?

Nothing says "luxury" like 100% cashmere - lush, warm and soft to the touch. Most cashmere yarn comes from China and  Mongolia, with the finest found in the Gobi Desert region of Inner Mongolia. The fine, soft undercoat (or underdown) of hair is what produces the finest cashmere fleece. Our high end blanket selection is made up of the finest and top quality cashmere yarn  in Nepal. we can deliver in your custom size and colour Blanket to your door step with in two ...

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