What is Cashmere Pashmina in Nepal: Pure cashmere products - cashmere sweater, Kids Wear, scarf, blanket, shawls, stoles, garments and other pashmina accessories from Nepal.

About Us

Heartily welcome to Himalayan fabs, Himalayan country in Nepal. Himalayan fabs is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of pure cashmere products such as cashmere Blankets, shawl, stole, scarves, muffler, sweater, Ponchu, gloves, socks, Travel set and cap etc for man, women and kids. This company is established gaining a lot of experience for a long time in the field of cashmere. Our products are always high quality and totally hand made in Nepal, without using child labour. we always believe in quality and are dedicated to our customer's satisfaction. Because of our consistent quality and standard we have been success to cross the decade easily by exporting regular pure cashmere products to various country successfully.

The finest Cashmere is used for our products. Each yarn is made from the carefully combed fleece of the mountain goats in the Himalayas. At each stage, the Cashmere is selected so that only the purest and most luxurious yarn are chosen for the products. These quality Products are then crafted in our factories and dyed processly using Sandoz metal-free and azo-free dyes which are the Swiss company's new generation of eco-friendly dyes.

The quality of our products have been acknowledged world wide and we have received our well deserved accolades from our customers all over the world. Major markets include U.S.A , Canada, U.K, EU countries and all the Asian Markets.

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