What is Cashmere Pashmina in Nepal: Pure cashmere products - cashmere sweater, Kids Wear, scarf, blanket, shawls, stoles, garments and other pashmina accessories from Nepal.

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    Himalayan Fabs -Himalayan cashmere fabric.
     Cashmere from Nepal. The Best Pashmina from Nepal

           Namaste! And heartily welcome to Himalayan Fabs International in Nepal. Kingdom of Himalayas .Himalayan Fabs is a reputed Cashmere company in Nepal who manufactures all kind of CHYANGRA PASHMINA PRODUCTS in Nepal and exports fine quality cashmere products from Nepal. such as hand loom woven Cashmere Blankets, knitted Cashmere blanket, Cashmere cable blanket, Cashmere throw, Cashmere felted shawl, Cashmere fine stole, Cashmere scarves, Pashmina fluffy muffler, Cashmere scarfs, Pashmina sweater, Cashmere jumper no pilling , cashmere cable Poncho, Cashmere button poncho and cashmere wrap, cashmere accessories Cashmere gloves, Cashmere socks, Pashmina Travel set and Cashmere Hat, Cashmere beanie, Cashmere kinds sweater, cashmere kids wear Cashmere baby blanket, Cashmere Baby item from Nepal, Cashmere man sweater, Cashmere women sweater cashmere shawl from Nepal.
This Company is established gaining a lot of experience for a long time in the field of cashmere Pashmina in Nepal. Our products are high quality and totally hand made in Nepal by Nepalese local women .All the member of my family are involved in this company. Now it’s our family business. Currently we have 32 staffs to work in a regular Basis. .As we are against of child labor. We do not have any child worker in our cashmere company in Nepal. Our staffs have experience of more than ten years in this field so they are highly qualified for this work. All of our staffs are really glad to be with us and our management. We are not a boss and a staff instead we prefer working together as a big family.

We don’t compromise in quality and are dedicated to our customer's satisfaction. Because of our consistent quality and standard we have been success to cross the decade easily by exporting regular 100% Pure Cashmere, cashmere/merino and cashmere /silk blended pashmina Products from Nepal to various countries successfully
Mostly we buy raw material from CONSINEE GROUP CO.LTD China which is world famous for High quality luxury cashmere yarn supplier. CONSINEE (NINGBO, CHINA) is also our most valuable quality yarn supplier and we are importing  these  yarns from Consinee group for our high quality products.
Consinee 100% pure cashmere,Consinee Silk/cashmere,Consinee Cotton/cashmere&Consinee Silk/cotton.

And others high quality cashmere blended & silk blended yarns. We can buy raw material from any other company too according to customer recommendation, such as Cariaggi Italy, Novetex Hong Kong and Zegna Baruffa Italy etc. we prefer to buy dyed yarn to make cashmere Pashmina garment in Nepal. But for the small Quantity order we dye Yarn in Nepal using Sandoz metal-free dyes. It’s AZO-free and from the Swiss companies new generation eco-friendly dyes.

All the cashmere Products that crafted in our Cashmere factory in Nepal has been acknowledged worldwide and we have received our well-deserved accolades from our customers all over the world. Major markets included U.S.A, Canada, U.K, EU countries and all the Asian Markets where export Pashmina cashmere item from Nepal. We are exporting CHYANGRA PASHMINA PRODUCTS from Nepal. For the purity guarantee we can use CHYANGRA PASHMINA LABEL in our customer request.

Since, 2009 we are continuously exporting our Cashmere Pashmina products to world’s different countries such as America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and all European Countries. The handmade Cashmere/Pashmina products by Nepalese women and its high quality have helped us to receive a lot of positive feedbacks from the customers. The quality opurity certified and use of eco-friendly color has contributed in increasing the demand of the products day by day in the international cashmere market. This encourages us to work more effectively and efficiently

I have a feeling that if we earn some money than spending some part of it in social works is really satisfying Because of this reason I have separated a certain amount (1% of sales amount) of money for the charity. We use this money for rural village student who are unable to pay school fee due to their financial problem and support to rural village people that are unable to pay hospital fee after getting treatment. We have been helping some child home and nursing home for elderly people.

Thanks and regards

Padam Thapa
Founder/ Director
Himalayan Fabs international
Cell +977 1-6635-783

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