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1. How to wash your pashmina shawls/sweaters ?

2. How to store your pashmina shawls/sweaters?


1. Why is cashmere so expensive?

2. What is Pashmina/Cashmere?

3. Why do similar looking cashmere sweaters have very different prices?

4. What is the difference between pashmina & cashmere?

5. What are the different grades of cashmere?

6. How do I care for a cashmere sweater?

7. How do I tell a good pashmina/cashmere sweater from a poor one?

8. How long will a Pashmina/Cashmere shawls , sweater last?

9. What is the difference between the pure pashmina & the pashmina with silk blend?

10. How many Ply's are your pashmina & cashmere products?

11. Where can I view the colors offered?

12. How do I select the correct size?

13. How do I care for my pashmina and cashmere products?

14. Can I wash my pashmina / cashmere knitwear?

15. In how many days will I receive my order ?

16. How do I place an order?

17. what does the 70% pashmina - 30% silk means ?

18. What is a Single Ply, Double Ply, 2 Paddle, 4 Paddle?

19. Are your Pashmina`s hand loomed or machine loomed?

20. Why Pashmina/Cashmeres?

21. Difference between Pashmina & Cashmere.

22. Who are the main raw materials suppliers?